Our Mission

Mission Statement


The mission of Central Presbyterian Church of Paris, Texas, is to reach out to people of all ages with the gospel of Jesus Christ, bonded together through a nurturing environment and Christian fellowship.  We seek to continue our strong heritage, as we look to an exciting future. 


 We covenant to be a church that: 

  • LOVES and supports each other regardless of race, national origin, social class, marital status, gender or any worldly situation. 
  • WORSHIPS with a sense of enthusiasm and praise, using both traditional and innovative forms of worship while being faithful to the Reformed tradition. 
  • EDUCATES its members and friends to use the Bible as the basis for everyday living, showing the love of God in what is taught and how we teach.  We will lovingly encourage others to participate in open discussion, despite any tangible or perceived differences and will support individuals and families on their unique path of faith development. 
  • GROWS in the love and knowledge of God and each other; in discipleship, including spiritual disciplines, stewardship and mission.      Revised and Adopted, 2009